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Chief Executive Officer

Jerrod Delaine


Jerrod Delaine is the Chief Executive Officer of The Delaine Companies, a native of South Florida with roots in the Miami Lakes and Miramar communities. He holds a Bachelor's Degree and Bachelor of Arts Degree in Architecture from Florida A & M University School of Architecture and Environmental Technology, as well as a Master of Science degree from New York University Schack Institute of Real Estate. 

With over a decade of experience as a seasoned Real Estate Developer, Jerrod has honed a comprehensive skill set encompassing Design, Construction, Finance, Affordable Housing, and Asset Management.

During the initial five years of his career at Forum Architecture and Interior Design, Jerrod primarily focused on project managing affordable housing projects in the southeast region of the United States. As an academic, he serves as an adjunct professor at both NYU, his alma mater, and Pratt, where he educates Graduate and Undergraduate students on development, public-private partnerships, urban economics, and portfolio management.

Following eight years as the Director of Development at Carthage Real Estate Advisors, Jerrod established himself as a thought leader in urban housing policy. He is a founding member of The Delaine Companies, a value-based company that is dedicated to leveraging access to capital markets to enhance communities through real estate finance and development.


Corion J. DeLaine


Corion J. DeLaine is no stranger to community development and urban planning space. Over the past few years, he has gained experience working with multiple municipalities, organizations, and nonprofit entities. His recent occupations and experiences span both the public and private sectors. Mr. DeLaine is well versed in urban development, but also in community engagement and participation. He is a graduate of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce's Leadership Miami Program and the Urban Land Institute's Leadership Institute program. He is also an active member of the National Trust for Historic Preservation and a board member with the Florida Redevelopment Association, the Florida Downtown Association, and the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation.

Corion is driven by his ability to seek out challenges in the urban landscape. He strives to reconstruct and redevelop our community, working with us to reinvigorate communities we are proud to call our own.


Jabari Bell


As a governmental affairs professional, Jabari Bell excels in housing policy and private sector participation management. He is committed to addressing the housing crisis through procurement; he thrives at the intersection of policy, business, and community, allowing him to specialize in strategic lobbying.

Jabari, a dedicated advocate for economic development and community enhancement, which goes beyond his professional role by actively contributing to various organizations. Serving as a board member for BoardStrong and United Charitable, Jabari plays a pivotal role in strengthening nonprofit governance structures and spearheading multiple initiatives. His commitment extends further through active memberships in influential organizations such as the NAACP, Open New York, and Supportive Housing of New York. Jabari actively collaborates with like-minded individuals through these affiliations, leveraging collective efforts to address housing challenges and promote community well-being.

Jabari's recent New York City Council candidacy underscored his expertise in campaign management and grassroots mobilization. With a campaign platform centered on affordable housing, home ownership, and public safety, he aimed to bring lasting positive change to his community. As a proud New York native, his diverse skills and unwavering dedication to public service make him a respected and influential community member.

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